Job Opportunity: Photographer Tech, Police

Job Posting ends tonight!

Performs manual and electronic photographic and digital media cataloging, storage and retrieval work for the Louisville Metro Police Department
Photographs persons, crime scenes, police investigations, criminal evidence, exhibits, events and other subjects
Operates and repairs various types of cameras, photographic lab and digital media storage equipment

Examples of Duties:
Sets up photographic studio on location and takes photographs of persons, crime scenes, evidence, exhibits, events and other subjects
Processes photographic material, retrieves stored digital data and makes prints and CDs for requesting party in a timely manner
Adjusts and monitors photographic laboratory equipment, replenishing chemical solutions and adjusts temperature and flow rates
Performs routine maintenance on all Photo Lab equipment and digital media storage devices
Maintains files of digital images, digital data and negative films
Copies latent fingerprints and makes enlargements for court presentations
Enhances photos for investigation purposes
Makes ID cards for LMPD personnel and other agencies determined by department management
Provides training and technical assistance regarding photographic documentation to police personnel
Maintains security on all records and information in the Photo Lab
Responds to open records requests from the Legal Advisor’s Office and other agencies
Bills insurance agents, attorneys and others for photographs purchased
Performs related work

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