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If you are a creative person with a talent for idea generation you could be planning for a career as a Graphic Designer at Ivy Tech Sellersburg. The Visual Communications program offers design courses which will equip you with the creative and technical skills you need to be a creative professional. You will be trained in programs, such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop while exploring different methods to obtain the most creative solutions. 

Click here for Graphic Design Track (AAS).
Click here for Photography Track (AAS).

Written Communication (3 credits):
*ENGL 111    English Composition           
*ENGL 215    Rhetoric and Argument       

Speaking and Listening (3 credits): 
*COMM 101    Fundamentals of Public Speaking    
*COMM 102    Interpersonal Communications    

Quantitative Reasoning (3 credits): 
*MATH 123    Quantitative Reasoning    
*MATH 135    Finite Math    
*MATH 136    College Algebra    
*MATH 137    Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry    
*MATH 200    Statistics    
*MATH 201    Brief Calculus   
*MATH 202    Brief Calculus II    
*MATH 211    Calculus I      
*MATH 212    Calculus II    
*MATH 221    Calculus for Technology I    
*MATH 222    Calculus for Technology II             

Scientific Ways of Knowing (6 credits): 
*ASTR 101    Solar System Astronomy    
*ASTR 102    Stellar and Galactic Astronomy    
*BIOL 100     Human Biology    
*BIOL 101     Introductory Biology       
*BIOL 105     Biology I    
*BIOL 107     Biology II      
*BIOL 121     General Biology      
*BIOL 122     General Biology II      
*BIOL 211     Microbiology I   
*CHEM 101   Introductory Chemistry I    
*CHEM 105   General Chemistry I    
*CHEM 106   General Chemistry II   
*CHEM 111   Chemistry I    
*CHEM 211   Organic Chemistry I             
*CHEM 212   Organic Chemistry II      
*CHEM 215   Quantitative Chemical Analysis   
*PHYS 101    Physics I    
*PHYS 102    Physics II    
*PHYS 220    Mechanics    
*PHYS 221    Heat, Electricity & Optics    
*SCIN 100     Earth Science    
*SCIN 111     Physical Science    

Social and Behavioral Ways of Knowing (6 credits): 
*ANTH 154    Cultural Anthropology    
*ECON 101    Economics Fundamentals      
*ECON 201    Principles of Macroeconomics        
*ECON 202    Principles of Microeconomics        
*HIST 101     Survey of American History I    
*HIST 102     Survey of American History II     
*HIST 111     World Civilizations I   
*HIST 112     World Civilizations II    
*POLS 101    Introduction to American Government and Politics    
*POLS 211    Introduction to World Politics    
*PSYC 101    Introduction to Psychology      
*PSYC 201    Lifespan Development    
*PSYC 205    Abnormal Psychology          
*PSYC 240    Human Sexuality     
*PSYC 253    Introduction to Social Psychology    
*SOCI 111    Introduction to Sociology    
*SOCI 164    Multicultural Studies     
*SOCI 245    Cultural Diversity    
*SOCI 252    Social Problems        

Humanistic and Artistic Ways of Knowing (9 credits):
ARTH 101    Survey of Art and Culture I    
ARTH 102    Survey of Art and Culture II   
Choose 3 credits from the following:
*ARTH 110   Art Appreciation    
*ENGL 202    Creative Writing             
*ENGL 206    Introduction to Literature    
*ENGL 214    Introduction to Poetry           
*ENGL 220    Introduction to World Literature I      
*ENGL 221    Introduction to World Literature After the Renaissance    
*ENGL 222    American Literature to 1865    
*ENGL 223    American Literature After 1865        
*FREN 101    French Level I    
*FREN 102    French Level II        
*FREN 201    French Level III         
*FREN 202    French Level IV      
*GERM 101   German Level I      
*GERM 102   German Level II        
*GERM 201   German Level III         
*GERM 202   German Level IV      
*HUMA 100   Theatre Appreciation            
*HUMA 118   Music Appreciation        
*PHIL 101      Introduction to Ethics           
*PHIL 220      Philosophy of Religion             
*SPAN 101    Spanish Level I         
*SPAN 102    Spanish Level II         
*SPAN 201    Spanish Level III         
*SPAN 202    Spanish Level IV      

IVYT 1XX      Life Skills Elective    
^VISC 207    Portfolio Preparation    

PHOT 104    Basic Photography  
VISC 101      Fundamentals of Design    
VISC 115      Introduction to Computer Graphics    
Choose 3 Credits from the following:
VISC 104      Intro to UX/UI    
VISC 105      Video and Sound  
VISC 113      Typography    

Choose 15 Credits from the following:
ARTS 100    Life and Object Drawing I  
ARTS 101    Life and Object Drawing II  
ARTS 102    Color and Design Theory  
ARTS 103    Three-Dimensional Design  
PHOT 107    Intermediate Photography    
PHOT 200    Field Photography    
PHOT 201    Principles of Color Photography      
PHOT 203    Professional Portraiture    
PHOT 204    Commercial Photo Techniques      
PHOT 209    Studio Lighting Techniques    
PHOT 214    Journalistic and Editorial Photography    
PHOT 218    Fine Art Photography    
VIDT 111     Studio and Field Production I    
VIDT 113     Introduction to Film Appreciation    
VIDT 202     Studio and Field Production II    
VIDT 203     Studio & Field Prod III    
VIDT 210     Production Editing I     
VIDT 211     Production Editing II    
VISC 102     Fundamentals of Imaging     
VISC 104     Intro to UX/UI    
VISC 105     Video and Sound   
VISC 110     Intro to Web & Social Media
VISC 111     Drawing for Visualization    
VISC 112     Electronic Layout    
VISC 113     Typography    
VISC 114     Graphic Design    
VISC 120     Comic Books and Sequential Art    
VISC 200     Motion Graphics    
VISC 201     Raster Graphics
VISC 202     Special Projects I    
VISC 203     Independent Study   
VISC 204     Mobile Apps I    
VISC 205     Business Practices for Visual Artists    
VISC 206     Interdisciplinary Studies    
VISC 208     Mobile App Design II    
VISC 209    3D Rendering and Animation I    
VISC 210    Web Design I     
VISC 212    3D Rendering and Animation II   
VISC 213    Advanced Electronic Imaging      
VISC 214    Advanced Electronic Layout    
VISC 215    Web Design II    
VISC 217    Graphic Design II    
VISC 218    Digital Production   
VISC 219    Graphic Design III    
VISC 222    Advanced UX/UI     
VISC 225    Fundamentals of Print Production    
VISC 280    Co-op Internship   
VISC 281-294    Special Topics   

TOTAL CREDITS            60

*Elective is defined as a course chosen by the student from the inventory of courses available on a campus.          
^Capstone Course      

Here are a few career options to consider with a degree in Visual Communications:

Web Designer
Creative Director
Photo Editor
Video & Film Editor
Graphic Designer
Product Designer
Multimedia Artist
Motion Designer
Art Director
UI/UX Designer

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