Photography Track (AAS)

Start your journey as a creative photographer and gain experience in a vast range of photographic practices. You will be introduced to all elements of photography, from concept to art direction, digital photography, and print media. You will become a master of your DSLR camera learning concepts such as exposure, ISO, f/stops, shutter speeds, focal lengths, and manual operation.

Click here for the Graphic Design Track (AAS).
Click here for Transfer Degree (AS).

ENGL 111    English Composition    
IVYT 1XX    Life Skills Elective   
*MATH 1XX    Math Elective    
*XXXX 1XX    Life/Physical Science Elective    
Choose 3 credits from the following: 
*COMM 101    Fundamentals of Public Speaking    
*COMM 102    Interpersonal Communications    
Choose 6 credits from the following: 
ARTH 101    Survey of Art and Culture I    
ARTH 102    Survey of Art and Culture II    
ARTH 105    History of Design    

PHOT 104    Basic Photography  
PHOT 107    Intermediate Photography  
PHOT 209    Studio Lighting Techniques  
VISC 101    Fundamentals of Design   
VISC 105    Video and Sound   
VISC 110    Intro to Web & Social Media  
VISC 113    Typography    
VISC 115    Introduction to Computer Graphics    
VISC 201    Raster Graphics   
^VISC 207    Portfolio Preparation    
VISC 216    Vector Graphics    

Choose 9 credits from the following:

PHOT 201    Principles of Color Photography    
PHOT 203    Professional Portraiture    
PHOT 204    Commercial Photo Techniques    
PHOT 214    Journalistic and Editorial Photography   
PHOT 218    Fine Art Photography    
VISC 206    Interdisciplinary Studies    
VISC 213    Advanced Electronic Imaging    
VISC 280    Co-op/Internship    
VISC 281-294    Special Topics   

TOTAL CREDITS            60

*Elective is defined as a course chosen by the student from the inventory of courses available on a campus.
^Capstone Course

Here are a few career options you might consider with a degree in Photography:

Freelance Photographer
Wedding Photographer
Special Event Photographer
Product Photographer
Forensic Photographer
Photo Editor
Video & Film Editor
Commercial / E-commerce Photographer
Social Media Management
Scientific and Medical Photographer
Sports Photographer
Architectural/Industrial Photographer
Studio/Portrait Photographer
Fine Art Photographer
Stock Photographer
Wildlife/Landscape Photographer
Fashion Photographer
Real Estate Photographer

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