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Suki Anderson

Art DirectorLouisville Magazine
Graduate College: May 1, 2012
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Suki Anderson has become immersed in the design community and she is loving it! Before earning her degree from Ivy Tech, Suki started working with 21C Museum Hotel doing freelance. In addition to a formal education, the hands-on experience she received by working on day-to-day projects, such as ads, bridal books, flip flops, and more, has enhanced her skills beyond the classroom.

During the summer of 2011, Suki started a six-week interview process with Louisville Magazine to be their art director. It was a nerve-racking challenge, but Suki is happy to say that she landed the job and November 2011 was her first issue.

Suki has had to learn a great deal in a short time, but because she loves design so much, it has been as she says, “mostly cake.” What makes Suki the most proud is the fact that she has been able to hire some of her fellow Ivy Tech cohorts to illustrate for the magazine.

Chuck McKillip, Steven Dana, and Garret McGill have been contributors. She says, “Working for a magazine is great because it is something new every month! I hope I get to keep playing for a long time.”

When Suki’s not busy putting together a magazine, she sings in the band Big Momma Thorazine and makes stuff, lots of silly stuff.

Categories: Graphic Design, Illustration