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Graduate College: May 1, 2004
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After graduating in May of 2004, I spent 3 years working as the sole, and first, inhouse designer at Challenger Lifts. I worked very closely with the Marketing Director and along with learning a tremendous amount about marketing was granted the opportunity to rebrand the company.

In 2007 I started on at a small agency in the Highlands called Plow Studio. Our main clients are non-profit Christian organizations and the companies in the hardwood flooring industry. An odd pairing I know, but having two totally different client bases keeps things interesting. During the recession rather than being laid off, the owner instead let me spend my non-billable time doing tutorials on to learn web design. I now spend the bulk of my days developing and maintaining websites for our clients and am continuing my education at Indiana Wesleyan (who will gladly take all Ivy Tech credits) to learn more on the programming side of things.

If I could impart any advice to design students it would be get an internship with one of the major agencies in town. Working directly with people in the industry builds connections and having a big name on your resume from the start opens a lot of doors. My first job at Challenger Lifts came directly from connections I made at my internship at Quantum Communications.

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