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artist/sculpture/designer/specialty fabricator/photographer/animatronics techartsmartfabrication@gmail.comowner
Graduate College: May 11, 2010
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I had the Pleasure of getting my second degree at Ivy Tech in the Visual arts… I knew to learn the curriculum plus everything else I could! I use it all! Life isn’t a trial run and I love the arts. I am doing metal sculptures, as well as, various types of cool plastics. Knowledge is your future and the ability to research various mediums and tools helps me put my ideas into tangible forms. I created murals, construction and animatronics for the “Christmas at the Galthouse” program, as well as, design, art direction, fabrication and painting. Before that, I worked for a local company where I learned how to make large scale fiberglass sculptures (like the troll under the second street bridge which my partner Katrina created). I made several large sculptures for conventions and did some mural painting at the Louisville Zoo! I am working on several projects right now and I am always drawings ideas no matter how small or incidental it may seem at the time because I may use it in something BIG tomorrow!

Categories: Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography
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