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Garrett McGill

FreelancerGarrett McGillustrator
Graduate College: May 1, 2011Website: McGillustrator
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Obeying Doctor Who’s #1 rule not to wander off, Garrett McGill works as a freelance illustrator in and around his native Louisville, Kentucky.

Graduating from Ivy Tech School of Fine Art + Design in May of 2011, and operating under the pseudonym “Garrett McGillustrator” (see what he did there?), he has valiantly sought to impart his talents wherever they were needed, regardless of if they were actually wanted. Unfortunate victims of his art include Louisville Magazine, the Kentucky Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus, Luckett & Farley, as well as a local children’s book publisher, local band Manana Bango, and anyone for whom he is too broke to buy an actual birthday or Christmas present.

Garrett loves things that are sweetly sad, uncommonly beautiful, things which reveal their true vulnerabilities in only the most trustworthy settings; things ironic, sardonic, ionic, iconic, but prohibitively excludes the bubonic.

Garrett lives in Louisville with his wife and co-conspirator, Kasey, and their three children Chandler, Moira, and Keira.

Categories: Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design