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Graduate College: May 1, 2011
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Brad Oliver studied the field of computing since a young age and wanted to explore his creativity as his passion for computers grew. He chose to further his education at Ivy Tech Southern Indiana. Gaining an extraordinary understanding of the professional world, he graduated with an Associates Degree in Visual Communication. At that time, Brad felt he had one of two choices — start at the bottom of a large corporation and slowly work his way up or take what he had to offer to a smaller company and help it grow into one of those bigger corporations. Brad chose the latter!

Brad has worked and managed the Internet / IT/ Marketing department at for almost 5 years now. Locally, the Music Store has hit record breaking numbers each year as other music stores began to close. They are now the only music store in Clarksville.

Brad has learned that design is much more than Photoshopping pretty photos—he now gets to target specific buyers in todays market and figure out strategic marketing plans to bring in new business while keeping the current business going. just launched the 2014 design the beginning of this year and Brad is now the team leader overseeing 3 other employees and making sure their designs, listings, and SEO content is up to standard. Brad loves what he’s doing and, in the end, he believes that’s what really matters.

Brad is also the proud father of a beautiful 3 year old (born 1/11/11) named Mercedes. (Brad calls her Cede “Sadie.”) Cede is Brad’s motivation to learn everything there is to know in the e-commerce, sales, and running a business so he can be a good provider and dad.

Brad has a sincere appreciation for his many  mentors at Ivy Tech— Todd Flatt for teaching him the technical side, Susan Mackowiak for teaching him the basic fundamentals, Melissa Bean for helping him to understand business ethics, and Gordon Moffet for finally helping him open up the “right side of the brain.” Brad is a great example of how someone can accomplish their dreams!

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