Internship Opportunity: Southern Seminary

The Comm Internship at Southern Seminary is a supervised work experience in which a student has intentional learning goals with the opportunity to reflect actively on what he or she learns throughout the experience. The fast paced changes that occur in the education industry make their communications department a dynamic place to learn, grow and be challenged creatively.

The current department structure works like an in-house advertising agency, and because of this, the student will have the opportunity to interact closely with other areas within the department, including: creative and design, production, news and copy-editing, account management, web and social media, marketing and media.

The graphic design internship is structured as a well balanced one or two semester learning experience of layout and design, illustration, creativity, photography and production. With in-house artists in each area, the intern will learn actively from mentors participating with them in pitches, creative briefs and meetings along with other high-profile executives at Southern Seminary.

This internship program requires a minimum of nine hours per week of on-site presence. Additional hours on-site or off-site are not required but are welcomed to a maximum of twenty hours. The student will be required to provide a schedule in which he or she expects to be available. After the schedule is approved, the student is expected to follow it closely and permissions for absence during working hours are to be requested two days before the requested date.

This internship is unpaid, but could count as one of the 200-level electives required to obtain your degree. If you are interested in applying for this internship, please contact Visual Communication program chair, Susan Mackowiak at

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