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Janie Harrison, Lauren Morris, and Naomi Eve 0

Congratulations to student Louie winners!

Congratulations to Ivy Tech Southern Indiana students, Janie Harrison, Lauren Morris, and Naomi Eve for their winning entries in the 2015 Advertising Federation Louie Competition. The Louies are the creative competition for the advertising...

Allison Moss
 | megaZINE Cover
 | VISC 217 Graphic Design II
 | Instructor: Susan Mackowiak
 | Judges Choice, Creative; 
Best of Jury 0

Fall 2014 Jury Winners!

Each semester, Ivy Tech’s Visual Communication Department invites professional creatives to critique student work. Students must present their work as they would to a real world client or employer. In doing so, students not...

(starting top left) Adam Lucas, Janie Harrison, Naomi Eve, Lauren Morris 0

Congratulations Student Winners of AIGA The Show!

On Friday, December 5, the new AIGA of Louisville held it’s first design competition and four Visual Communication students at Ivy Tech Southern Indiana were awarded prizes! Congratulations to Adam Lucas, Naomi Eve, Lauren...


Congratulations to Vis Com’s Two Award Winners!

Congratulations to both student Lindsay Flint, and Dean Robert York for the awards they received today at the Chancellors Awards Luncheon. Lindsay Flint received the Academic Excellence Award. The Academic Award recipient is selected...

Honorable Mention | Logan Wells | Between Brains 0

Art Jam 2014 Winners!

Ivy Tech Southern Indiana’s School of Fine Arts + Design is proud to announce the Pat Harrison Scholarship Winners for Art Jam 2014 High School Art Competition! To view the complete online gallery of...

Bronze Award | Taking Flight | Lauren Morris | Photography | Melissa Dettlinger, Instructor 0

Student Winners in the 2013 LGDA 100 Show!

Congratulations to Lauren Morris and Larry Nash on their winning entries in the LGDA 100 Show! Bronze Award | Harry Potter | Larry Nash, Designer, Programmer, Illustrator | Interactive Media | Philip Vetter, Instructor